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Peak USB Graphical Semiconductor Component Analyser

SKU : Q2115

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The all new Peak Advanced Semiconductor Analyser will:
- Automatically identify part type (eg, Transistor, JFET, IGBT, Regulator, Zener, Diodes, etc).
- Automatically identify pinout (connect any way round).
- Measure lots of component data.
- Perform further detailed component analysis with the PC software included on the Peak USB flash drive.
- Works as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with a PC.




  • The DCA Pro is an advanced new design that includes a graphics display, USB port, PC Software and an enhanced component recognition library.Transistors (including Darlingtons and "digital" transistors), Silicon and Germanium types. Measures gain, VBE and leakage.
  • MOSFETs, enhancement mode and depletion mode types. Measure on-threshold (at 5mA) and approx transconductance (for span of 3mA-5mA).
  • JFETs, including normally off SiC types. Measures pinch-off voltage (at 1uA) and approx transconductance (for span of 3mA-5mA).
  • IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors). Measures on-threshold (at 5mA).
  • Diodes and Diode networks.
  • LEDs and bicolour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types).
  • Zener Diodes with measurement of zener voltage up to 9V at 5mA.
  • Voltage regulators (measures regulation voltage <8V, drop-out voltage, quiescent current). Note that some regulators are not stable without their decoupling caps and/or minimum load and cannot be tested by the DCA75.
  • Triacs and Thyristors that require less than 10mA of gate current and holding current.


Curve Tracing
When connected to a PC via the USB cable, a range of low current curve-tracing functions can be performed. Various graph types are available, with more to follow:

Bipolar transistor output characteristics, IC vs VCE.

Bipolar transistor gain characteristics, HFE vs VCE.

Bipolar transistor gain characteristics, HFE vs IC.

MOSFET and IGBT output function, ID vs VDS.

MOSFET and IGBT transfer function, ID vs VGS.

JFET output function, ID vs VDS.

JFET transfer function, ID vs VGS.

Voltage regulator, VOUT vs VIN.

Voltage regulator, IQ vs VIN.

PN junction I/V curves, forward and reverse options (for Zener diodes).


  • Model: Q2115
  • Brand: Peerless

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