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NESS D8xD Navigator 8 Sector Alarm Panel

SKU : S5280A

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NESS: K-6008D

The NESS® D8xD Navigator represents a breakthrough in price and functionality for touchscreen operated alarm systems. It offers an intuitive ‘plain English’ interface with no LED’s or LCD icons to interpret - you may not even need the manual to use it!

Eight alarm zones are provided with the addition of four programmable auxiliary outputs. Each auxiliary output can be activated by an alarm event, schedule or manual on/off selection. These could be used to control security lighting, door strikes or CCTV activation. It could even control non-security related devices such as a pool pump, garage door opener or sprinkler system. A home monitoring mode allows you to partially arm the system for perimeter monitoring. This can trigger if an intruder jumps your fence or opens a gate, breaking a beam sensor/reed switch.

A dialler function is provided which can call up to 2 numbers when an alarm event occurs. This can be used with a monitoring company or as a personal notification. If required, auxiliary outputs may also be activated over the phone.

Three panic alarms are provided in case of duress, medical emergency or fire. These can be activated where the alarm is being monitored by a central station.

Up to 3 additional keypads may be installed as required.

In The Box
Ness Navigator Touch Screen Keypad (view)
D8X panel
15VDC Power Supply
Telephone Lead

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  • 3.5" colour LCD Touch Screen The easiest to read alarm keypad ever !
  • Voice alarms and voice prompts using a preset voice message library Allows for professional Back to Base monitoring via Contact ID or 'self monitoring' via intuitive voice alarm messages.
  • Superb contemporary design Clean, crisp design adds elegance to any decor in the home or office.
  • Plain English event displays by name Add your own text description text descriptions for your alarm zones. Choose from the built-in library or add your own.
  • Dealer details page Never lose a business card again ! Your installer can leave his contact details in your Navigator.
  • Advanced English Programming Navigator makes everyday programming such changing user codes or timers a breeze.
  • Touch Screen Age Navigator is a true Price-Performance breakthrough offering touch screen technology for not much more than a traditional keypad.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia Navigator is proudly a genuine Australian product - conceived, born and raised at our Seven Hills NSW manufacturing facility.


  • Navigator Touch Screen
  • DIMENSIONS (W - H - D): 108 x 86 x 15 mm
  • DISPLAY TYPE: 3.5" Colour lCD
  • TOUCH SCREEN: Touch sensitive surface
  • OPERATION VOLTAGE: 12VDC supplied by the control panel
  • DATA: 2 wire proprietary Ness data bus
  • Navigator Control Panel D8X
  • BOX DIMENSIONS (W - H - D): 235 x 300 x 90 mm
  • POWER SUPPLY: 13.8v DC @ 800mA
  • QUIESCENT CURRENT DRAW: 80mA with 1 keypad
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: 12 volt 7.0 Amp/hour Sealed lead Acid
  • BATTERY CHARGING CURRENT: 350mA maximum, current limited
  • DYNAMIC BATTERY TEST: Backup battery is tested under load, hourly and on arming
  • FUSES: 2 Amp auto resetting / Siren output & Reset output. 500mA auto resetting / 12 volt auxiliary outputs. 200 mA auto resetting / Strobe output
  • ZONE OUTPUTS: 8 zone inputs. 2 x 24hr tamper inputs
  • END OF LINE RESISTOR: Choice of 12 programmable values including N/C. Default 2200 Ohms (2.2k)
  • MAXIMUM KEYPADS : 3 x Navigator Touch Keypads max.
  • INTEGRATED RADIO OPTIONS: Multi-pin connector for the optional Ness Radio Interface. Supports up to 55 Radio keys . Up to 8 radio zones
  • SERIAL HEADER: Serial data port for direct connect programming using NessCommsTM software. Also 2 way serial data
  • INTEGRATED ACCESS CONTROL: Multi-pin connector the optional Weigand Interface. Supports up to 3 Ness proximity access card readers
  • SIREN OUTPUT: On board siren driver with timed output. Maximum 3 x 8 Ohm horn speakers
  • STROBE OUTPUT: 12v DC timed output. Maximum 2 x 1 Watt strobe lights
  • RESET OUTPUT: 12v DC timed output. Max. 3 x 12v piezo screamers
  • EQUIPMENT POWER OUTPUT: 13.8v DC output for powering detectors and other equipment. Maximum 500mA
  • AUX READER: Multi-pin connector provides outputs Aux1, Aux2, Aux3, Aux4, 12v DC

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

About Dialler Connection
The DX8 alarm panel has provision for a telephone line connection. This has been designed for Fibre-to-the-Premises connections and requires a UNI-D connection to be activated. For installations with Fibre-to-the-Node, a GSM dialler must be used (S5288).

  • Model: S5280A
  • Brand: NESS

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