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Emergency Alert/Evac Controller

SKU : A4575B

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This easy to operate fire & evacuation controller is designed around industry standard building emergency alert/evacuate requirements. When connected to a paging system amplifier, building occupants can be alerted and/or evacuated in the event of an emergency eg: fire, gas leak, bomb scare, earthquake. Auto or manual modes are selected by the front panel key switch (see below), which uses an industry standard 003 key. Alert & evac switches are fitted with safety covers to prevent accidental operation.

Modes of Operation
Auto: The alert tone is generated when a signal is received from the fire indicator board (FIB) or break glass detector. After a preset time the evacuate tone is sounded unless the alert tone is manually reset. The evacuation tone continues until manually reset. When selected to auto, front panel alert and evac controls are inoperative. Other controls such as paging, bell chime and BGM function normally.

Manual: In the manual position any of the functions may be initiated from the controls on the front panel, i.e. Alert, Evac, or PA.

Remote cancel function: Terminals are provided for the connection of a remote cancel switch. When activated with a closing set of contacts this will cancel any activated tone, regardless of the position of the master auto/manual/isolate key switch on the front panel. This is useful when the controller may not be readily accessible.

Other functions: Provision has been made for a BGM source to be played through the controller. BGM is automatically muted when any other function is operated. A mic input is provided on the front panel. This can be used for either general or emergency paging. Paging overrides all other functions. A pre-announcement chime is available on the microphone input. This can be switched on or off internally. Also inbuilt, is a unique tone for signalling lunch breaks, start of class etc. This can be operated from the front panel or via rear contacts for remote activation ie. clock or remote switch.

Upgrades over A 2075 (previous model)
Pluggable screw terminal connection blocks
Switched 24V dc output for bell
On board voice over module
Voice over & pre-announcement chime volume controls
Voice over on/off switch
Polyswitch protection of all switched outputs (100mA per output)
Spike protection on all triggers
All controls on outside of unit.
Record indicator on front of unit


  • 1U 19" rack mount
  • Interfaces with fire indicator boards
  • Remote operation of alert and evac tones
  • 240V mains or 24V dc operation
  • Auto / manual / isolate 003 key switch
  • Local operation of alert, evac, PA
  • Provision for voice-over message
  • Microphone socket for PA use
  • BGM and line input
  • Bell chime facility
  • Switched 24V output for operating override relay on remote volume controls with alert/evac/PA signals
  • Separate relays for alert and evac signals for external strobe light operation
  • On-board timer for remote alert activation adjustable from 30 seconds to 7.5 min in 30 second increments
  • Externally operated inputs are activated by switching to ground
  • Line level output
  • Tones conform to Australian standard.

100% developed, designed & assembled in Australia.
Since 1976 Redback PA products have been manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Altronics. With over 35 years experience in the commercial audio industry, we offer consultants, installers and end users reliable products of high build quality with local product support. Read more about our Australian Made products

Backed by an industry leading 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Our Redback products have a long tried and tested history of bulletproof reliability. Altronics offers a 10 Year Warranty on all Australian Made Redback products. Our local in-house service department has all the know how to answer technical queries and provide timely service. Read more about our industry leading warranty.

  • Model: A4575B
  • Brand: Redback

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