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0.47uF 25V Y5V 0805 SMD Chip Capacitor Reel 4K0.47uF 25V Y5V 0805 SMD Chip Capacitor Reel 4K
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Balanced Mic / Line Input Pre-Amp & Mixer

SKU : A2055A

RRP: $89.95
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Features two line inputs and one mic input, each with its own level control. The mic input can be configured for either balanced or unbalanced operation. All inputs are mixed to a single line level output. It can be powered from either a single rail power supply (15V to 30V dc), or a dual rail power supply (?2V to ?0V dc).
PCB dimensions 100 x 57 mm.

Microphone gain: 60 dB
Mic input sensitivity: 0.7 mV rms
S/N ratio: 10 mV input -74dB
Frequency resp.: 150Hz to 20kHz , -3dB
Line. gain: 14dB
Line. input sensitivity: 200mV
Line. S/N ratio: 500mV input -77dB
Line. freq. resp.: 30Hz to 20kHz, -3dB

  • Model: A2055A
  • Brand: Redback

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