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Telephone Socket Wall Mount RJ12 6P4CTelephone Socket Wall Mount RJ12 6P4C
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ADSL Splitter Filter

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Line filters are required to prevent analog devices (such as telephones, faxes and answering machines) on the line interfering with your ADSL service. Analog devices were not designed to operate in conjunction with high frequency devices (eg: your ADSL modem) on the same line. As a result in order for both your telephone and ADSL services to work concurrently and reliably, a filter needs to be installed between the device and the line.

The idea of the filter/splitter is to provide you with line filtering for analog devices without the need for an additional double adaptor on the phone socket (which would normally be required for a standard in line filter, Part Number: P 7150). Whilst standard in line filters can be used in other rooms of the house, if you plan to run analog devices in the same room as your ADSL modem then a splitter/filter, such as P 7155, would be more suitable.

Austel Approval No N53.

No more than 3 in line filters can be installed without comprimising the quality and reliability of your ADSL service.

RJ12 Line connection
RJ12 Telephone connection
RJ45 Modem connection

  • Model: P7155

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