8 Input to 8 Output Matrix Mixer

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The A 5400 digital audio processor is a comprehensive system which integrates pre-amplifier, compressor limiter, equaliser, as well as matrixing and delay functions into one unit. Useful features like automatic gain control, feedback killers, auto microphone mixers and crossovers are also part of the A 5400? impressive components library. A unique digital signal processor manages up to 8 microphones (VOX or contact activation) with different priority levels.

Internal processing of audio signals can be fully programmed to suit the clients application. Installers can select the audio processing features they wish to apply to the various inputs and outputs with the provided PC software. Once the configuration process is complete, it can be uploaded to the A 5400. All configurations can be backed up onto PC and loaded into the A 5400 when required.

Each front panel control can be associated to any of the variable audio processing functions of the A 5400, including: input level, output level, source selection, routing, preset changes. For remote configuration changes A 5412 wallplates may be installed in each zone and connected to the A 5400 via its analogue control inputs. Wallplates allow source selection and volume control adjustments.
The A 5400 can also be controlled via an external system such as Crestron? AMX?or by a PC and supplied software.

The A 5400 has 8 universal balanced audio inputs and 8 balanced audio outputs. It is also fitted with 8 TTL logic inputs and outputs. Each of the hardware inputs or outputs can be associated to virtually any software audio processing feature the system designer requires.

The A 5400 presents the end user with state-of-the-art technology while remaining user-friendly.

All of these functions make the A 5400 well suited to audio signal processing in places of worship, auditoriums, function centres, clubs, halls, pubs and shopping centres etc.


  • 8 balanced analogue audio or digital audio input and output.
  • 48vdc phantom power on analogue audio input.
  • 32-bit AD (analogue devices) floating point DSP
  • 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 48 or 96kHz sampling rates
  • 5 presets memory recalled by input logical contacts.
  • 8 assignable input logical contacts for remote control.
  • 8 assignable output logical contacts for the purpose to remote control 3rd party devices.
  • RS-232 port for the connection with PC or Laptop to set-up and configuration.
  • Can be controlled by 3rd party control like Crestron? AMX?via RS-232 port.
  • Can be operated on 24V DC via a battery back-up.
  • Fault indication is given via a N/O and N/C relay contact for remote monitoring or bypass.
  • Model: A5400

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