7 Stage 12V 12A Automotive 240V Battery Charger

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Suitable for Lead acid, Gel, EFB and AGM type 12 volt batteries, this compact charger uses a 7 stage charging circuit. It incorporates summer & winter charging modes for use in cold climates. Plus, a smart battery maintenance mode can recover deeply discharged cells. The circuitry automatically diagnoses the battery state and delivers the appropriate charge current to maintain optimum performance. The charger may be permanently connected without overcharging or damaging the battery. Ideal for seldom used vehicles such as boats, vintage cars, motorbikes etc. Size: 195 x 138 x 78mm.

Auto Reconnect Feature
An important feature of this unit is the auto reconnect function. This applies the previously used settings and commences charging once mains power is reapplied. This is especially handy for RV & caravan use where the user may disconnect the mains power, move to a new site and plug the unit in again. The auto reconnect feature means the unit doesnt need to be set up again after each mains disconnection. Many similar chargers on the market do not have this key feature.


  • Selectable output current, 2A, 4A, 8A and 12A
  • Auto reconnect feature
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protected
  • Overheating protection
  • Suits 12V lead acid, Gel, EFB and AGM batteries
  • Includes Croc clips
  • Winter & summer charge modes
  • Defective cell detection
  • Boost charge function
  • Trickle charge function
  • Battery level test
  • Battery cranking ability test
  • Battery CCA test (cold cranking amps)
  • Battery alternator performance test
  • Includes dual USB output for charging devices (3Amp total)
  • Model: M8539

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