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35 + 35 300VA Toroidal Transformer with aux windings

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Primary voltage: 240V AC
Regulation: Better than 10%

Maximum temperature rise: 75C
Dielectric strength: 4000V for 1 Minute
Insulation class: Class B (130deg.C)
Sec. Parallel: 8.5A
Sec. Series: 4.2A
Equipped with additional 12 + 12V and 15 + 15V secondary windings (500mA max). Please add approx. 2mm to dimensions for this model.

Minimum order quantity applies.

Each toroidal is supplied with 2 x rubber spacing washers, 1 x steel dished washer, 1 x mounting bolt, 1 x nut (except PCB mount versions).
Lower electrically induced noise demanded by compact equipment.
High efficiency enabling conservative rating whilst maintaining size advantages.
The toroidal transformer is accepted as the industry standard, replacing the laminated type as toroidal transformers offer advantages in size, weight, and lower radiated field.
Energy authority certified


Secondary (SEC) Current A
Current available where secondaries are connected in parallel.

Secondary (SEC) Current B
Current available where secondaries are connected in series.

B : 109 d: 25 H : 57
Tolerance: 2%

* Outside diameter D is given as a maximum value, inner diameter d is given

*Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Manufacturers please note, we recommend that a sample is obtained to confirm suitability

Note: Must be used with a 5A external AC fuse.

  • Model: MC5535
  • Brand: PowerTran

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