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GSL MPPT Solar Charger 200W 12A

SKU : N2026

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This revolutionary maximum power point tracker solar charger was designed using the technology that won GSL Electronics the prestigious “2008 EDN Innovation award”.

A simple, compact and low cost alternative to increase your bulk charge current by more than 20% over conventional solar regulators and eliminate noisy and imprecise charge regimes.

GSL model: MPPT12-1

• Low cost MPPT controller, drop in replacement to standard regulators boosting output current by up to 30%
• Simple 3 wire “plug and play” connection
• Autoselect for 12V and 24V panels and batteries
Efficiency typical: 96%
Input voltage: 15.5V to 55V
Output voltage: Float 13.5V / 27V Absorption 14.5V / 29V
Output power: Peak 250W, constant 200W @29V / 150W @ 14.5V
Quiescent current: 0.04A
Thermal protection: Multilevel type
Dimensions (mm): 35 X 75 X 100mm
Indications: Dual LED display – battery OK / LOW
  • Model: N2026
  • Brand: GSL

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